I feel the sadness, you can see it in my eyes.
I do not trust you, my reality distorted from your lies.
Give me a hug, help me through my day,
Say whatever you need to say,
Take my hands, begin to pray.
Anger consumes my heart,
My biggest fear from the start.
A  fire you cannot even prepare to put out,
A world now swallowed by doubt.
And where do I go from here?
And how do I quiet the fear?
And how do I find peace again?
So dizzy from this mind spin.
And how do I get the aching out of my heart?
My world crushed and torn apart.
How do I catch my hope when it flew away?
And how do I keep smiling and getting through the day?
And how do I imagine my life without him?
And how am I suppose to forget about what might have been?
When will I see the shine in my eyes again?
I can't remember how long has it been?
How long does it take for a heart to mend,
Even if it does, is it ever the same as it was back then?

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