I am the fallen angel
once innocent and pure
cast down from heaven, faithless
from those of you impure.
I once watched down from heaven
to look at people below
my eyes fell victim to things
that many of you know.
My soul began to ache
as tears swelled up my eyes
tear drops fell from my face
as my soul fell from grace.
I turned to the other angels to scream out my heartfelt pain
I shouted up to God “I won’t believe in humans again!”
a bright light took my vision
as I fell from heaven above.
My white wings charred black
as I fell on my back
broken and bruised
I can never go back.
I am the dark shadow that you see in the corner of your eyes
I was there the day you first opened your eyes.
I am the dark angel who guards your soul each day
I am the one that whispers your name.
When you hear ringing in your ears
it is me telling you that your guardian angel is near
I sit by you at night when you bend at the knee
my crimson tears fall because no one hears your plea.
The things you do, the secrets that you keep,
banished me to earth
to guard dark souls that seep
I watch late at night as you weep.
My hollow dark eyes beg for your sins
I visit your dreams to make your head spin.
when your last breath escapes your rosy lips
my hand will be waiting to take you into the dark abyss.


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