Always and forever

Tall, dark and handsome
Or whatever he should be
I send out a prayer for thee.
Please Lord, see that my heart is pure
And protect the one You’re holding out for me
Until the very day i can truly see.
My rider on the white horse
You know my rightful match
Even before the day i was hatched.
Prepare me to be the perfect help meet
I am putting my faith and trust in You
For i have seen what You can do.
You know when the time is right
And i will wait on You
Until my love is made true.
Lord, you know every heart, plan and thought
That’s why i send out a prayer for thee
That he may love You more than he loves me.
Eventhough it may feel like forever
I will wait faithfully
Until the very day I am the bride to be
Oh, please be the finder of my missing piece
Whatever You may choose him to be
For i send out this prayer for thee.


May you pray every night for your beloved soul mate until the day he puts that ring on your finger. May you together fight the battles of life and marriage and may He lead your family closer to God.

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