My Mouth is full of lies
My heart is full of nerves
And my Eyes are full of cries
I know what I deserve
My mind is full of pain
And my lips frown down
But what will i gain
from a life turned upside down
Well I hope one day
This will end
And, I hope I can wake up
And not pretend
Can you see that deep down?
you think you know me so well
So tell me, what is making me frown?
Please don’t leave, this can’t be a farewell
i’ll stick to our promise this time
I’m trying not to break my word
I swear my friend, I’ll be fine
this time, I will for sure.
If you leave me now
Thank you for all you’ve done
but I just don’t get how
You can give up on someone

This poem is about a friend, it's like she completely has given up on me and doesn't care about me at all anymore! We use to be so close and I feel like she's the only one I had , I've broken so many promises, but I'm trying

Friends promises angry give up

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