“How are you?” you get asked every day
By an old friend you run into
The cashier at the grocery store
Even the solicitor on the phone
They all have something in common
They don’t want an honest answer
You say “fine”
while you smile that fake smile you’ve mastered so well
But you cringe on the inside while you do it
Because you’re not fine
But nobody wants to hear about your problems
They don’t want an honest answer
Depression, insecurity, stress, heartbreak
You’re dealing with so much
But they ask how you are
And without thinking for a second
You say “fine” because
They don’t want an honest answer
But one day you’ll find someone
That asks “how are you?”
And they’ll want to hear your problems
And solve them with you
You’ll tell them everything because
They want an honest answer.


I didn't think or plan this, I just got on my computer and typed. I finished and I didn't even remember writing it. This is how I feel, and maybe you can relate too.

honesty, heartbreak, stress, insecurity

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