I crave this world to constantly change
To shape it’s ways to fit my faith
My faith changes course and strays due north
While my mind is a mess, deseased in debt
I crave continuity and just to stay
But this everlasting light has lost its flame
The darkness within unfolds outside
Shaping the mountain much higher this time
Still I climb, drying eyes, moving them with words
But till justice do us part, so what’s next?
Take me back to the start
Another dollar in a jar of jellybeans
Add them up and guess, maybe there’s 2,003?
Sip your wine and cool down now with this change that’s integrated
Unafraid I am timid
But I am intimidating you
In this waiting game of loss of faith
If loss of trust in you
Swollen eyes; deflate, rewind
What else can you do?

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