Lessons I've learned

I’ve learned that it’s extremely hard to change the views of others
You can’t change minds that aren’t open
And you can’t make people believe in the unbelievable
When it comes down to it people believe what they do
And there actions will reflect on that
I’ve learned that you can’t put your full trust in someone
One day there will be an accident and you’ll be left for dead in the hospital
And the one who promised to never leave has already left
The one who promised has already packed the bags
And left the state
I’ve learned that nothing will come from doubted yourself
So make yourself  known
Let people know exactly who you are
And make sure they know exactly what you stand for
I’ve learned that everyone dies alone
And for most of your life, you will be on your own
So just accept this and move on
But also know that it’s okay to let people in
I’ve learned that if there’s something you want to try
Or someplace you want to go
Do everything you can while you can
You could be dead the next minute or you could wake up the next morning with out legs
But the most important thing I’ve learned is to know yourself and to accept yourself
And don’t let anyone tell you who you are
Only you know and only you get to decide

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