Tonight I’ve had my share of bittersweet poison
His face and smile are still burned into my mind
I follow his footsteps across the rocks
But now they are changing into glass
How long is this path?
There’s sand in my shoes
Now these rocks look skulls and I’m in cemetery hell
I keep a steady pace I can’t let them see I’ve fallen behind
Now we are at the island but now there’s a castle!
It’s made of rocks and stone and has a white fence
It’s surrounded by ocean and now I’m surrounded by ocean
Oh God! I must be careful not to drown!
I look up, there’s more stars than from before
So I start spinning and spinning
And now people must know
I’m dizzy and nauseous and higher than all my friends
But this isn’t where my journey ends
Back across the path we walk
Through the graves again
Avoid the puddles, but their aren’t even puddles
It’s just my mind again
Now they are talking to me
But I can’t comprehend the words they say
Don’t make any sense
And my responses don’t either
And I’m not sure if my thoughts are being spoken
Or if I’m keeping them to myself

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