Feeling, needing wanting to be close

I lie away I lie thinking, dreaming, hoping
Dripping rain, howling wind, the darkness of the night,
You are there I am here, I hear you breath, I feel you close,
I know you, I want you, I need you.
Your touch, your whisper you smell, your feel,
My heart races, my breath deepens, I grasp the blankets tight,
Just one touch, just one feel, you skin soft and warmth.
Deep inside I feel my desire and I know just what you need,
I know your desires and I feel you urge,
I want you, I crave you… You are there and I am here, so near yet so far.
Breathing deep, sweat glassines, hearts racing,
I need you now, just one touch, your silky skin, your warm caress.
Eyes open, eyes shut, warm lips deep desire,
The night is long, drip, drip, rain still falls….
My mind racing, thinking, feeling,
It is all so real, you are there and I am, we are together.
In this moment, the forever of time,
It is you I crave, in every way, in the dark you are my fire.
In only a moment I awaken the night now come and gone,
My desire for you is not forgotten….
The eternity of Desire.


This is for my wife, needing and loving her is all that matters

Love, deisre, needing, wanting, night

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Tony D
casi 6 años

You have made me smile thank you so very much for the kinds words.

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
casi 6 años

TonyD. This is so beautiful, sensual, romantic and most of all this is Love. Bravo-you are a fantastic poet. Your wife is very lucky. Sandi.

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