Hello again my dear sweet friends it is I
Antonio from the sea.Washed ashore for
you to hate or adore, it really matters not
to me.
I lost my precious android pad that held
all the lyrics I had... so now I offer this.
A brand new home to find my poems, a
Warm embrace and a kiss.
No more lovey bullshit... no pen strokes
for women of the night.I have a higher
calling now, and this I vow....no more
will I chase the white Rabbit, or it’s vice.
So enjoy the quotes on little notes and
keep this thought in your mind.If you
want lines of love, and flying
doves....then Karla Hart is the poet
you’ll need to find......... . Quote the rabbit nevermore ;)

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I like reading your poem more.

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