A new day dawns, the sun shines down on the corpse
of Jenny Rose.Pallid skin, eyes wide shut in an almost
erotic, postmortem pose.Purple hand prints adorn the
neck, so clear on the background ashen white.Blood
vessels engorged, wide open the pores, apparently she
gave her assassin a noble fight.
Now Jenny was one for the high life, regardless of
whom she betrayed.Seldom she missed her chance
for a fix.People’s precious momentos were often the
trade.On the night of her untimely demise she
thought she’d  found the perfect trick."Do what
thow will, for shard and a pill, just let me feel that
familiar stick".He gladly obliged as the rig slid
inside, her jaw locked like a horse to the bit.Now
came the game, to fuel lust’s flame, she bid bondage
was her fetish of choice.He said with a smile"that’s just
my style ",as he grabbed a gag to mute her voice.She felt
rather hot, from the act and the shot, as her thoughts
raced and her head began to swim.He pulled a length
of nylon cordage out from under the bed, and bound
both wrists firm and tight she could feel the knots burning
Next came her feet, spread eagle complete, as he slid
a foam latex clown mask over his head.
Panic and fear was now present and clear, Jenny
struggled, and fought to no avail.As she felt him
enter, latex cold member, staring aghast at the
clown’s smiling veil.
He squeezed as he moved rhythmic in time
as the life faded out and away from her eyes.
When the deed was complete he and Jenny
made their way to the street, and with a kiss
he whispered a soft goodbye.
Layed there on the ground, soon to be found
Jenny waited for those who would find...
another soul lost, so cheap the cost... traded
for the clown’s all American high.

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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

What a great story. It felt so real. I could imagine what he was doing and thinking.

J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

Well my name is Jenny and this gave me chills. I also watch Law and Order quite a bit, special victims unit. This was like reading a scene from law and order. Very good writing and vivid imagery.

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