A grey mist sweeps over the grass like a gentle blanket of tranquility and rest.
I sit here to think about what I wish to write.
What kinds of secrets I wish to document.
What I wish to remember.
What I wish to forget.
They say that you can never forget your past.
But we forget things all the time.
Soon it’ll all fade away like smoke from a cigarette.
It all dissipates into the air.   into space.   into oblivion.
Where no one know what  where  how  who
Memories will melt away as soon as spring comes to dissolve the ice and snow.
You just have to wait.
and the earth will heal itself.
Scars will fade just like memories.
They will be replaced by a new layer.
A clean slate.
Eventually we all find a way and move past the deep gashes
from yesterday.

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