For a dark mind, in a world of love.

Suicidal thoughts in my head had me so messed up,
Until I realised how one person gone from death can have so many fucked up,
If you think about it,
Then think about me,
Someone so far away but here to stop the bleed,
I mean it from my heart,
No i promise you your mind isn’t like a wind in a fart, or shall I say a fart in the wind,
Just think how easy life could be without sin, just think, I beg you please,
Yes that’s right you can’t see because everybody eventually has to sneeze,
God is here with open arms, if you don’t believe in God then just please open your mind,
Look around,
You see that cloud,
Even if its night time,
Do you see that star that’s shining down as your crown,
It’s all for your mind to help you on this ground,
Even though you are down, your mind is in the sky,
But just take it down a notch,
Because when it’s your time, you’ll be able to fly,
So don’t be shy, trust your people and pry open your mind,
Your words can change someones life,
Just think of it as a new start,
My love is your love like it couldn’t break us apart.


When people sneeze, you say bless you.

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