To a soul

Having the drive to succeed,
So vicious that I can’t be afraid to bleed,
Nothing so serious but just to grind,
But it doesn’t come easy without a mind,
A mind of passion,
Something so real it goes back to old fashion,
So many years ago that it doesn’t matter,
But the only thing to stop you is if it doesn’t matter,
Try it,
It’s okay,
Don’t be the one to quit if you want it happily,
It will make you sick,
So make it short,
Theres just one thing to never forget,
If you start it, stick to it
If you want it never quit,
And if you forget why you started it,
Then close your eyes for a minute,
And don’t worry, your heart will find it.


my first one ever. I need help with this format. It's tough. any help, criticism (positive) unless negative is necessary would help. i hope you enjoy and can follow me for many more to come someday !

#strength #faith #believe

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Armann Cabrera
circa 6 anni

thank you! I can't say i'm the one to break the rules, but if its okay then I'm for it. I appreciate your comment very much.

Robert L. Martin
circa 6 anni

It sounds like a good pep talk or something that would go in a church sermon. I can't critisize the content because rules are made to be broken.I can feel the rhythm. It sounds like you have a lot of passion in your poem. I can hear you speaking as I read your poem. It was very soulful.

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