Birds flying here and there,
landing on branches to
chirp and bare, their heart.
A private club among the trees
with their own private code.
Silly humans too busy
to feel their secret joy,
too deaf to hear the
symphony of bird song,
a gala of sound
and pure delight.

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Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 3 años

Beautiful poem Barb, How are you ? doing well I hope.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
alrededor de 3 años

Good to hear from you Charlotte. Thanks for the compliment, yes
I am doing fine, hope you are well also.

alrededor de 3 años

We have a birdbath in our backyard. And one of my simple pleasures is to watch as birds "swim" in the bath, just like little children having lots of fun.

Nice poem. Like!

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
alrededor de 3 años

Thanks Vic, I am enjoying the birds as well before old man winter returns!

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