Lately, a sadness pervades,
I mourn for youth,
perhaps passion
of younger days.
With age, some of that passion
has transformed in to
a pure love,
a force that does not judge,
but waits, watches and
surrounds to uplift,
until my spirit touches the sky
and joins the sunrise,
of a new life.


Some thoughts about love and aging.

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almost 4 years

I read your poem a while back. Liked it then, like it now

Barb Clarke
over 4 years

Thanks Charlotte for reading and your comment.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

I think we do love more as we get older, I agree, more love and more wisdom is what we gain I think.

Barb Clarke
almost 5 years

I hope my love for writing stays until the end for it helps me make sense of this world. Thanks for sharing

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I left my youthful days a while ago, also. My passion has transformed into pure love, like you. I miss those days, but make the best of what I can do. It looks like you and I love writing. That will stay with us a long, long time.

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