Just a small part of me
wants strife to go away,
to return to a kinder time.
Am I just losing courage?
Life is draining me,
I’m unable to take another step.
Nothing to do but rest,
here, in the lotus of peace.
Take this body, take this mind
rolling river of time,
out to the currents
of a vast awareness.
Let my being float
with the wave of
divine spirit.

Thoughts on recent troubles. 5-2016.

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African Child
over 4 years

I know exactly what you mean. This poem describes every person's wish. Thank u its beautiful.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
over 4 years

Thanks so much Ms African Child, your kindness is appreciated!

over 4 years

It too shall pass, for sure!

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
over 4 years

This is true Vic, sometimes change is a good thing!

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