Some days you’re in bliss,
Some days you’re in pain.
Some days you’re up in the clouds,
Some days you’re down in the flames.
Some days you get what you want
And some days you just don’t.
Some days you see,
Pleasure or Pain,
It’s all the same.
Some days you get to the place
Of letting it all go.
Some days it dawns on you,
Nothing belongs to you,
Everything is change.


Trying to ride the wave of change.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 3 years

Very true.

African Child
over 3 years

Sounds like wisdom to me. Years of experience. It helps to accept what we can't change.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
over 3 years

It does help to accept but can be hard to do! Thanks for your comment.

Barb Clarke
almost 4 years

Yes, wish some things would stay the same, but just not how it is!

almost 4 years

so true!

Barb Clarke
over 4 years


Shemené Kok
over 4 years

Yes its true everything passes.

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