Summer is near it’s end,
I regret not visiting my
childhood home,
near the gulf,
where the sunset
weaves a tapestry
of light, on rolling
waves, at dusk.
The sandy beach
makes a supportive bed
to lie down at night
with stars all around,
the gulf sings a lullaby
until your eyes close
and sleep arrives...
But alas, I wake up
in the midwest
where the summer heat
chokes the breath,
the cicada hum
as I drift off
and  imagine,
the sway of palm trees,
sea gulls playing tag
on the shoreline.
I am a little girl again,
dancing on the beach.

The west coast of FLA. is hot in the summer but there
is always a breeze and water to cool off in or so
I remember when I was a child.

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Charlotte B. Williams
circa un mese

Ohhh those childhood memories can be so precious.
Love reading your poetry Barb. You’re a gifted poet.

oltre 3 anni

"The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach." ~ Henry Beston

For me, the sound of the waves is a lullaby. Nice poem.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
circa 3 anni

Thanks Vic.

oltre 3 anni

Yes, I miss my childhood home as well. Lovely summer poem.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
circa 3 anni

Glad I am not alone, thanks Francis.

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