Oh hummingbird
Where are you now?
Have you taken
My courage with you?
Oh hummingbird
Hear me now
Lend me your wings
To soar home.
Oh hummingbird
Let me see your
Brillant colors
Your inspiration
That has brightened
My life.
If only I was as free
As a hummingbird
To navigate
This troubled time.

Ready for this pandemic to be over, but who isn't! 7/2020

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Charlotte B. Williams
5 months

These are troubled times indeed !!! Thank God for His peace,
without it what would we do. Beautiful poem, enjoyed reading it.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
5 months

Thanks Charlotte! Hope you and your family are well.

5 months

Wish I could be a hummingbird right now. Then I don't have to wear a mask every time I venture out.

Barb Clarke
Barb Clarke
5 months

Ha Ha, how true! Thanks Vic.

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