To anyone who desires to effect change but the task is too daunting, thus the need for the Serenity Prayer:

"Lord, grant me Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And Wisdom to know the difference"

O’ hard it is to be Serene
With things I deem hard to Accept
Alas to my gloom and chagrin
Into our lives vile foe has crept!
The multitude goes on with life
As though exists no foe to fight
Like driven cattle puts no strife
Their misery no end in sight
Must the throng rise to upheaval
Like a volcano spit dread fire?
Should remedy be radical
Uproot and plant to heart’s desire?
O’ to do change I need Courage
To face the fear, discouragement,
Defeat the dread but let the rage
Defeat the thought of dark portent
Scant capacity all I have
Meager resource at my command
The wrongs formidable and grave
Requiring measures strong and grand
To some a Quixotic vision
Thus casting doubt on one’s resolve
To some a Syciphus mission
Determination to dissolve
O’ I need know the Difference
Wisdom I lack and discernment
I can’t accede to lame pretense
I can’t rely on flawed judgement
So seek I Truth and Lofty Sense
For now I do what I deem best
–Hoping it be of consequence–  
To write to stir the hornet’s nest
Today beneath a narra tree
Thus where not once I nigh have wept
I pray for Thy Serenity
Things I can’t change I may accept
True Courage may Thy grant to me
To change what’s wrong– hard it may be
Thy Wisdom let descend from Thee
Stark or sly diff’rence I may see
30 Oct 2015
© 2015 Benjamin G. Sangalang


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Benjamin G. Sangalang
plus de 4 ans

Thanks Charlotte.

Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 4 ans

Nice poem

Benjamin G. Sangalang
plus de 4 ans

Thanks Robert. Your comments are reassuring.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

That was beautiful

Benjamin G. Sangalang
plus de 4 ans

Thanks for reading and appreciating my poem!

Benjamin G. Sangalang
plus de 4 ans

Thanks very much!

plus de 4 ans

Two thumbs up

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
plus de 4 ans

Wonderful and heartfelt poem.Very touching.Ingeborg

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