Had I not seen you neatly spread upon the green meadow
That same morning I saw the climbing morning glory?
Were you not silhouetted at dusk through my window
Along with bashful mimosa pudica in its simple beauty?
Alluring to grazing beasts and sauntering humans,
Amber in summer, green green when skies brought rains,
You adorned the lawns and gardens in nearby towns
Till classy bermuda took over your turf in those urban plains.
That verdant meadow you once covered is seen no more.
Concrete walls, multi-colored roofs and steel gates
Now dominate that fertile land where once you lay in splendor—
Unknown of harmful smoke, sickening noise and dreadful wastes.
My weary eyes have long kept watch for your presence
By the roadside, the riverside, and the mountainside.
Your absence till now isn’t making much sense;
Couln’t help but be incredulous though hard I’ve tried.
Could you be in some unspoilt fields in lands over yonder?
Could your quiet charm still exist in this big wide world?
I doubt if you would be in some far flung landscape elsewhere.
I fret that you’re gone for good before your story could be told.
Countless species in the two kingdoms have gone to oblivion
From the hills and valleys, mountains and plains, rivers and oceans.
The thought that by dint of evolution or by Creator’s intention
They’ll all return, soothes one’s mind, be it in a thousand eons!
© 2015 Benjamin G. Sangalang


Note: Amor-seco (Andropogon Aciculatus Retz) is a dense, leafy perrenial grass (not to be confused with amor-seco plant (Desmodium Ascendens). “Sulpot” is one of the common names in the Philippines.

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Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

I agree that every creation has an important purpose in God's grand design.Thanks very much for appreciating my poem.If we started 35 years ago, who knows, I might deserve to be called a poet now. I believe you deserve to be called one, my friend.Another late response. Will try to restore my efficiency! Or can I? Hahaha.

almost 6 years

A great ode to a seemingly insignificant plant. But then again, none of God's creations is truly insignificant.Great poem.
I wish we started writing thirty five years ago while in Bahrain. We could have started a poetry club. LOL

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