To us who might need introspection.

If I am indifferent
A dire situation is evident
Dishonesty I don’t resent
To anomalies I consent
Woe to me
If I accept some favoring
To keep me from resisting
Some vile activity
Menacing  my community
Woe to me
If I look the other way
I’m related in some way
To the brazen perpetrator
The sinister operator
Woe to me
If I am not troubled
When I see or I’m told
That peoples’ precious money
Is plundered by the greedy
Woe to me.
If I choose to sell my soul
Just to achieve my own goal
Knowing some may suffer
Deprive them of their fair share
Woe to me.
If I offer grease money
To an agent of bureaucracy
In exchange for the privilege
Of a competitive edge
Woe to me.
If I see my community
In the throes of poverty
In unspeakable misery
Yet I’m not unhappy
Woe to me
If I don’t act with urgency
Honestly and sincerely
To help combat avarice
And selfishness and malice
Woe to me
If I assign the blame
I’ve done wrong just the same
As if it’s not shared frailty
Sin of omission not a reality
Woe to me.
If I have not known before
It’s perfect love of neighbor
—Till now I can’t discern —
Community affairs is my concern
Woe to me.
It is high time I admit
I have my share of the guilt
Evil things I must defeat
“woe to me” I need not repeat!
Let the future be not distant
When goodness be triumphant.
Let good things be abundant.
Make “Woe to Me”  irrelevant!
26 Oct 2015
© 2015 Benjamin G. Sangalang


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Charlotte B. Williams
about 2 years

Your last line sums it up. We should do good when we know to, that we might avoid that feeling of woe. Enjoyed reading this Ben.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Thanks for appreciating my poem.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Introspection is sometimes scary, but necessary. Nice poem

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Loads of thanks.

over 5 years

Excellent poem; so well written

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