I got you drunk off my own breath
A devils trick
And we swirled around
All of mankind in our mouth
We don’t spit
We re-avow our commitment to
Ignorance in one another
Trade lies for rosewater
Kiss of foreign insult and
Every bit as sawdust as I could have imagined
Dry riddles on my tongue
When you don’t answer
But from the script I wrote for you
When you were dreams in my daylight
I conjured
Kingdom where I could not be
A paradox
How we die to be together
And love so far apart
I teach you words in
My ex-lover’s native tongue
He doesn’t speak it anymore
I inherited it all
Your tertiary hues
His stunted half lives
I keep them in jars in the pantry
I keep them
In the bloodline I can’t
Promise for the mystery of my fathers

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