I began to think that I need not speak
That if I just felt it more
Let it
Make me
Be unguarded more
It would come to you
Like that petty joy you get
Correctly reading the lips of the muted tv
Forgetting everything
I forgot I already knew all the words
So does it come to you
Washing over
Too much soap
Not enough water
They call it “a taste of your own medicine”
So did it come to you?
A  time when I condescended
the underwear right down to your ankles
A memory of me and how maybe
I uprooted your sheets to plant my own seeds
Maybe if I opened wide
Not to let you inside
But to let you slink back out
You’d read it like a TelePrompTer apology
And I wouldn’t have to describe the filth
that I daily wake with
The brine I slough down shower stalls
The deference-timid hate
It confuses me for my nightmares
And proclaims so boastfully
Not to truly exist

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casi 4 años

My apologies for my previous insensitive comment. I completely misunderstood the message of this poem. After a cursory reading, I thought it was a "break-up" poem. My comment was inappropriate. Sorry

Berlinn Berlin
Berlinn Berlin
casi 4 años

I appreciate the apology, genuinely. But, in a way, I was glad for the comment. I think it is very common that a cursory read translates into a knee jerk, dismissive quip. But, it is not so common as the silence of others who might have interpreted it similarly. I think this subsequent conversation has much value. While I don't dare speak for any but myself, many women might, rather than an apology, prefer to simply be heard. I am also guilty of trivializing post-breakup sentimentality, but I am learning how scary it can be to talk about pain transparently, and how much can be concealed in a paltry disclosure. Sincerely though, thank you for taking the time to read my words and give them thought.

Mercedes Dembo
alrededor de 4 años

Strong emotions maybe, maybe not.

Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Very nice

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