As I watched the woman who gave me life, lie in her dying bed, I struggled to cry out, as she struggled to breath.
Unable to drink, unable to speak, throwing the blanket off exposing her shriveled feet.
Eyes sunken in, and her features so frail.
I think"This  beautiful creature was so generous in giving me so much of her energy and now she lay here, all of her light almost expelled."
The life almost gone from her, she looked at me with nothing but love in her eyes.
I looked into my mother’s eyes for the last time.
I could feel her soul suffering for death, and I could do nothing, nothing but stare.
I could not stay, I had to leave her laying there,
To care for my children as she had done for me.
She died alone at night,
No familiar faces where there to guide her to her light.
I will never see that face again.
I will never smell the scent that guided me to life.
I will never hear her encouraging words or hear her joyful laughter.
I will never feel a mother’s love again.
Who will guide me now that she is gone?
Who will love me like I could do no wrong?

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

My condolences In time your children will be watching you pass. Death is inevitable, and teaches us to enjoy our time on this earth. It is a sad time for us, but a joyous time for those who pass on.

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