I’m tired of feeling this way,
Not feeling much of Anything.
Stuck in the doldrums of despair.
What would they say if I just ran away?
Would I even care?
Everyday looks just the same, stuck in an endless betrayal.
I can’t live this way!
The motif of my life played over,
Take me away, make me feel.
I wan’t it to be real.
Everything is fake, and everyone is a mistake.
Everyone except you, my out-take.
I try to pull myself out.
But I sink further into this abyss.
This isn’t how it’s suppose to be,
It feels wrong, not you and me.
I feel compelled to write to you in the snow.
As I sit here wondering, “Where did the time go?”
If i could only find my way back to you and your gin,
I know I could feel something, anything again.

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