I know what it’s like to love you
Because I feel it in my bones,
The air smells cleaner - purer,
And the birds sing in higher tones,
My heart skips beats when you’re around,
My mouth will move,
And not make a sound,
My brain is reeling at uncanny speeds,
I understand you’re the one I need,
I feel so light, so airy - so alive,
Is this what it feels like to have fire on your insides?
A piece of you has burned yourself inside of me,
I understand now what it is like to love,
And it is because you come so graciously,
You’re so patient and you understand that I am more than a mess,
You listen to me when I’m venting,
And you listen when I confess,
You understand that there are books inside my mind,
You push me to my limits,
But not for what you can find,
Because you understand if I don’t stray,
I will slowly die inside,
You are my solace in this world,
And I finally realize,
That if I didn’t find love in you,
It may be my demise,
I could write a billion to words to describe you,
but I only need one
I’ll write it at the end you see,
Or else it won’t be fun,
I guess I can say I’ve put to word,
The way that I love you,
But I could never truly figure out,
If …. only you knew,
The ground feels harder,
The air is lighter,
The sun is brighter,
The grass is greener,
The trees are taller,
The bugs are smaller,
My mind is something out of books,
And you’re a fairytale,
I cannot put to words how I feel about you,
This poem is a lie,
But I know what it’s like to love you,
Because I’m still alive.

Wrote this about my partner, and best friend. I love her more than anything and she has definitely taken me out of the darkness that was my own mind. She is a life saver.

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

What a beautiful way to show her your love for her. I imagine that she loved hearing your poem


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