I close my eyes and imagine a world, complete utopia,
Everything in it’s likeliness is beautiful and loving,
We are all free and there is no need to worry of strife,
We are careless yet gentle; subtle with our emotions,
Devoted but we will not be possessive
For we know, what is ours will remain as long as we shall allow it,
There are many faces I glimpse at each day,
There are old wise men,
And young impressionable minds,
I see the working men,
Steady laboured and cold,
But warm at heart due to the kindness they receive from their personals,
I see girls, effervescent and innocent,
Unconvinced that the world will ever do them wrong,
They are naive but happy to be so,
And I am willing to allow them to stay shuttle minded, and complete,
I also see elderly women,
Lonely, most widows but never a smile I’ve seen brighter,
The life they radiate penetrates my soul and I am complete..
But, then I see you,
You are eminent in being a statue,
So perfect, marble shaven,
And bear clad,
You are the definition of this beautiful world for me,
You are the light at the end of the dock,
I so long to see when I am lost in a storm,
But where, oh where have you been, light house?
I have searched your forsaken ground for many a lifetime,
Yet, you were not present,
Now, out of the blue,
You arise,
Sprouting higher than the pinnacle of mountains,
Shining brighter than Polaris, guiding me to my needed destination,
And the depth I am willing to fall into you is the furthest abyssopelagic,
You are much more of a masterpiece than even the sixteenth chapel,
Although you are my shelter, you are also the waters that drag me along,
And I can sense myself drifting into tidal waves of you,
I am afraid, that of love,
I have learned fear,
That I have learned to fear your ever clear sanctity,
I have learned to stray away from your pull,
I have learned to be not induced by your charm; even though you are my saviour,
But still, with all these fears,
I wish to be bountiful and overcome them,
I wish to fall into caressing currents with you,
Over hurtles, and endless ebbs,
Off of back boards and boundless peaks,
I want to love you in all your forms,
All your proses, if only you could love me in mine,
In this utopian society,
I imagine the perfect world,
And it’s because you are there...


This poem is self explanatory. I wrote it a few nights ago, I figured I would share it with all of you although it is rather personal. Please leave comments, I love all of your feedback. Thank you for reading.


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plus de 6 ans

Oops,that's me told then.My lack of an education to the fore,once again.Sorry

C. Knappe
plus de 6 ans

The sixteenth or Sistine chapel was one of Michaelangelo's greatest creations. I do not need to change anything. If there is an issue, google it.

Norman Goldstein
plus de 6 ans

well done...flows like a river of hope and discovery..excellent

plus de 6 ans

For the educated this is probably a very good read.For me with the attention span of a cabbage white butterfly and basic English only under my belt it was a little bit of a struggle.You need to change the16th chapel,perhaps?


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