A poem about insecurities and relationships

There is a naivety that is obvious to me of splintered sight to which I have never even not will I blindly be submissive. Oh the arrogance. She was the very angel I don’t believe in, we are mother earths sickness yet she to me is a tether to a long forgotten optimism.  Oh the foolishness of hope! I have no sympathy as you were ridiculous and rueful enough enough to play on an error present relentlessly and with heart wasted on anger that you could have given to her wholly. To not commit yourself to her who gave you the rare hope of redeeming yourself is a crime, you who thought you knew better! Oh how you sob now she has left you, she was better then you, she loved you, she loves you more then you deserved as you assumed you were her life’s ambition, though love you and your flaws she did for she saw who you truly were, not masked by machismo and arrogance you thought he would prefer. No one knows the man like the woman. She cringed at your falsehoods as you strove to be other then you are, to become a model of your telegenic idols. HOW DARE SHE!! You yelled, how dare she vault over my steel walls to see the stained soul I hide and love me still!! You were not worthy of her. You punished her for absorbing the attentions of others despite depriving her of yours in an effort to win the game she didn’t know she was playing. But it was YOU that saw the strangers charms and qualities not her!  He was a relaxed, funny and intelligent man and you were once before you crushed a mask around your face and called it 'me’  you were more then him once! Before the insecurities and false demons tricked you into anger, despite his she loved you still, she was more patient then most but not infinitely. So you pushed her to her limit and showed her that you were becoming as ugly as you pretended to be. You ruined her love and now you scream. The agony of a foe you can not strike!!  TBC


Heartbreak, pain, love

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