I often ponder what it might be like
if I could step inside the mirror.
Seeming to remain the same
while becoming entirely different.
Would my reflection, then,
be forced from her home
and required to exist as me?
In turn, must I take her place,
deceiving both realities?
The difference would never be detected,
my reflection is quite simply
Is it possible that
I could be happy there,
if my perception were to flip
as well?
My name would not remain the same,
of this I’m sure.
I would be called
in her realm,
while she takes my name
Would I regret my decision
once the spaces are traded?
Do I then believe
that I AM the reflection?
Does my reflection become convinced
that she’s
Reflective glass
a silver illusion...?
And who decides?
Does simply thinking I’m real
make it an absolute
Or is it possible
that I might merely be
a passing reflection,
in some other reflection’s


Free verse, Philosophy/Commentary

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james matthew coleman
casi 7 años

I figured it had to do with the reflection! Talesha, of course. Man I feel dumb. I got stuck on the word tale or tales..... Very beautiful name, I don't believe I've heard it before.So you thought I might have been your brother-in-law? haha! funny.James, definitely James :)

casi 7 años

Hmmm... Well, maybe you should look at it backward again. If you do, you'll discover my true name...Although, Coleman is my true last name, given to me by my husband... Callyope is an alias...Ya know, I have a brother-in-law named James Coleman. You had me goin' for a hot minute! But he goes by 'Jimmy.' Which do you prefer? Just outta curiosity... Heeheehee.

james matthew coleman
casi 7 años

Yup, 'Through the Looking Glass'. That's actually what the "Alas" is all about. I didn't want to make it too obvious, so Alice became Alas. A play on words which nobody caught on fb, go figure lol! I've looked at backward, forward, thought about jungle cats, and now I have to ask. Where did you come up with the name Ahselat?? Curious!Here's to happy and perfectly bent minds!.... and to the celestial Coleman Clan!Cheers sister!!

casi 7 años

Thanks with muchness, bro!I'm a huge 'Alice in Wonderland' fan since before birth. I suppose that's where the idea came from... Rather, 'Through the Looking Glass.'It seems my mind just isn't happy unless it's bent in some way... Lol!I love how you were able to express a very similar idea! You're a talented writer, as well, my celestial sibling!

james matthew coleman
casi 7 años

This is good stuff. I had written a short piece on fb awhile back that your poem has reminded me of.
I wake on the other side,
afraid I'll find my way to you.
Where time is repelling time,
and the distance exceeds itself.
So I shift in the reflection,
shroud it with inconsistencies.
The one and only constant,
is my overwhelming need to crawl through the mirror......I'm pretty sure it was written just like that. Anyway, you write very well, A pleasure to read sista!

casi 7 años

Hi Roy... Thanks a bunch for leaving your thoughts!Hey Dennis!
How ya been???

roy  k  austin
casi 7 años

"Does simply thinking I'm realmake it an absolutefact?" hi callyope- you might find an answer in two of my articles or even poems. you are poetic-"that I might merely bea passing reflection,in some other reflection'sthoughts? thank you for the read..roy

casi 7 años

very cool. love the imagery

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