A heart's desire.

His eyes reveal infinity,
Offering devotion.
Love’s structural solidity,
Held by raw emotion.
While every smile sheds light of love,
My essence is exposed.
A solid bond sent from above,
The heavens unopposed.
His youthful laughter fills my heart
And cures my darkest mood.
With countless blessings to impart
Undying love ensued.
Without him I am incomplete,
A bent and broken soul.
He conquers love without defeat
To keep my being whole.


I guess this would be my first and only "Hallmark" attempt...

Also, you may have noticed that this particular poem follows a strict syllable format of 8/6/8/6. All I can say is that everybody else was doing it so I wanted to try it for myself... Just don't tell my mom!

Rhyming quatrains, romance, fantasy, commentary, philosophy

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about 6 years

Thanks so much! And I love your analysis of this one! You got it right on the money!

about 6 years

Other than THANKS, all I can say to that is HAHAHAHAHA!

james matthew coleman
about 6 years

ooohhh your busted!, I'm totally telling mom.You said 'first and ONLY "Hallmark" attempt'?....
I think this is an absolutely beautiful poem. If you feel the need/want to express "Hallmark-esque" pieces, go for it.This one is written very well, very well...... besides, it happens to the best of us (wink,wink!) ...Don't let it ruin your reputation ;)

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Lol... love the poem and love that you challenged yourself (limiting the format) :)At first I thought you were writing about a lover (first 2 stanzas) but as I progressed it felt like the nurturing love a mother feels for her child (last 2 stanzas)Loved it!

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