Beautiful Hope

hope and freedom

upon a sunlight on a cloudy day, just another day of platonic being.
And every fiber being of a lost hope, clung on with its might....
As the seasons of seasons rolled by..
One last look of a leaf laden with decay of its core waiting to be reborn....
But is it a golden lies or a golden promise??
And a promise of jubal hope?
Or a promise of a blackened hope?
yet a hot ember sparked its every scattered spirit awakened..
And with a cry within of a ancient newborn waiting to be sewned within..
There stood a womanhood of its beauty, its physique told tales of hardship and the forbidden love but damned into a locked mind of its tormentor.
And waiting for a golden hope, of a hope..
But a promise of a sweet nothings ensared.
Always waiting upon a waiting.
But shall its psyche bear its iron chains or shall it bring upon a wield of fire and bolt to break free?
yet a beautiful hope whispered upon the wind, calling its every elemental of love and hope and courage..
Alone, its heavenly promise of a infinity possiblities and a beautiful desire of a hope, now soon revealed..
At last... the infinity power of one’s heart and friendship broke free of its steeled iron born chains.
And the ancient newborn now sewn and forever bound to endless, if not its infinity... yet a vessel.
There, discovered a golden hope and a beautiful friendship that holds promise of a helping weight.
As the earth sings with a witching spell, slowly binding its sealed fate like a siren would do you...
Yet a beautiful hope, beautiful promise of a healing.
And a carefully tended wings fluttered high upon the sky, free and unchained.
tormentor of its mind faded into background..


the poem written by me and also is in my notes in my facebook page.

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