Legacies are left for us to behold, preserved in an era’s mode and manner
Artists, prehistoric, renaissance, and contemporary, alike are the ultimate historians and planners
In the Stone Age, cave walls were embroidered with epic legends and stories
Thousands of years later, these simplistic works would be our museum’s glories
There were no brushes or pencils, only hands and flint
Had it not been for the nomads’ art, we would have no account of the past
We would have no way of knowing what life, for them, meant
Renaissance artists brilliantly captivated religion in their work
Whether on a canvas, sculpture, or church ceiling, these creators left their mark
We are eternally indebted to the originators, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo
Italy’s art goes down as one of the great delicacies in the world
In the same right, but better tasting than France’s escargot  
Today, the composers strive to be different
More unique than the former greats of the past
The most sought after pieces of art are the ones that are atypical
Those pieces are the gems that will last
A mere line of paint across a canvas can be considered a masterpiece
Designation depending on the signature fixated at the work’s bottom
That’s the definitive determinant of whether the art will live in the future
Or if its existence will come to cease
No matter the time period, there will be art and there will be artists
The advocates, who think outside of the box, are the ones who will go the farthest
The original work that is different from the rest is the work that will be remembered
Then generations later that art will be the basis for new artists
Who will have a new panache to call their own and an artistic legacy to render

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