Life is a test that determines the universe
Only to find a single person’s worth
Never realize the point they serve on earth
But a reason exists for every single birth
Sometimes into this world, what is born
Lives day after day each time feeling more forlorn
As one can only patiently wait for their heart to be untorn
Slowly but surely, time continues to pass year after year
And deep in the mind and heart, a feeling of abandonment maintains a constant intent to seer
Your face is consumed and overwhelmed by a vacant expression
As you valiantly journey to the world’s end searching for a cure to this depression
Cascaded serenely by tears, your face looks as though it is raining
Your perception of life is devastated; however, your mentality is changing
Contemplating life and whether or not you should be proceeding
Helps you to discover that at the end of every road, there’s a new beginning
One must learn to simply love their life
No hesitation or struggling with its problems
Only perseverance through its strife

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