From the day you come into the world to the day you’re grown and marry
There’s a person always there for you whenever times are scary
The owner of the voice that says, “it’s ok and I’ll love you no matter what”
They give a shoulder to cry on when you’re down and a hug when you are up
As a child, the comfort’s in their reached out hand whenever you feel alone
Then, once you’re away at college or on a trip they’re still there for you on the phone
Their love’s always present in some way or another
You’ll meet lots of great people in life, but none as wonderful as your mother
Through good and bad times, they’ll love you till the end
Whether it’s a back scratch late at night or covering their eyes when you get pinned
Looking on, as you tear open that college envelope, they’re overdosing on anxiety
Always knowing things will work out for the best, never short of maternal piety
The taker of pictures and questionnaire of you and your first date
The person whose purse is full of tissues on the day you graduate
Never expecting less than your best, but never scorning you for your worst
A congratulation here, a punishment there, but always some love first
Eighteen years have gone so fast, yet there are abundant decades to go
You’re the one who’s helped me through it all; I’ll always love you, Mo

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