In life, there’ll be times when you have to seek advice
Often times, parents and friends have knowledge to suffice
But when that’s not good enough and you need words of wisdom, sage and heartfelt
Who better to go to than those with seventy years under their belt?
First communion, sporting events, graduation, they’re always there
Cheering you on, then returning home with stories of you to share
Who are these people, you might ask, that come across as saints
Grandparents, of course, they’re the ones worthy of all the thanks
When you go to visit, their house is prepared and always chockfull of treats
Unlike your parents, they know to well, not to serve you broccoli and beets
You can sit for hours listening attentively, engaged in tales of their youth
They’ll tell you stories about your parents that you can hardly believe is the truth
The ones with stories galore on the glory days, your parents, and yourself
They still have your favorite bedtime book tucked away on an old shelf
Teaching you how to beat an egg or play Chinese checkers, those were the times
Years down the road, now, though it seems like yesterday that you read me nursery rhymes
I’ll never forget Madison Street or Alumni Avenue
I have an abundance of fond childhood memories and it’s all because of you

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