A soul born 1000 years to late

A hidden life lies buried within the mind
forgotten mysteries I cannot place nor find
a voice thru water whispers within my ears
echoes flood my blood and bring old familiar fears
I wander through sky then land then mists
circles within circles the immeasurable past exists
where kings of the ancient time sat upon marked stone
There I belong when in the modern, lament do I alone
I felt the wind blow beneath foreign autumn trees
she was there ages ago, once when alive and free
wordless she danced smiling upon the line of immortality
an ocean, a motion of emotions up which paths I roam
Will I leave the present and find myself at home?
meaningful I lay
and beneath a sky of grey
upon the brush of a moor once ladened with blood
mixed within mine washed with the rain and mud
the skeptic laughs, the skeptic sightless, cannot see
with eyes of the hawk blind inside their souls, how fortunately
wherein lies a plight, within a spirit that cannot breath
oh take this sight from me
and what you see
is memory upon memory of the former one within
are you meant to trade, where you will go with where you have been
when true love lies in the soul within souls
and marriage to the land, time and age from which you are born
and when ripped away leaves you incomplete, not whole
till eternal sleep gives chance, the fragile heart is torn
and with it a soul that till death will mourn
Why give a soul from so long ago such a body, such a fate?
and give it the time and life of a thousand years to late
Catherine Renee Stanger
Written-  2015

i already have 2 other poems on my page that talk of being born in a time unfamiliar to me...heres another...reincarnation....im unsatisfied with it thought... i feel i can do better ...this one for certain...ill revise and rewrite a bit sometime..

Note ** all my poems are copyrighted and have codes to prove ownership ... While I doubt anyone here does this ..still have to say Don't steal other people's work wether a poem is good enough or not .... It's personal and directly speaks from the soul of the writer and to take their work and say it's yours ..it's wrong and unnatural ..your stealing a peice of them ...it's nothing to do with money or rights...it's so much more than that...its happened to me .. It can happen to anyone .. It hurts and I always speak out against it even if to most it seems pretentious...

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J Ann Crowder
almost 4 years

I'v always thought reincarnation an interesting concept. I also am inquisitive enough to wonder what living 1000 yrs ago might be like. Very imaginative poem.

Malak Alrashed
over 4 years

This is beyond perfect. There are lots of lines that gave me goosebumps. I know the feeling and you have portrayed it in no better way.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I love this poem as usual. You set the bar real high with your writing. I love your picture, also.

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