On the darkest side ...a train of thought...

what is it that I must have, take, yet not earn, perhaps be given?
It is my body that desires you, deadly as the grave
ravaging me like a fatal poison
tearing at my insides like talons in their prey
like a prisoner in chains I could not cast you away
even if I so wished it.
a warm pulse bloody, breaking me apart
seizing and rolling unto you
fever taking all under, all I’ve left I must explain
my blood boils at the thought of you
my all consuming flame
I need you so utterly, so completely, it causes me pain
on the skin, in the mind, in the bones
and heart its all the same
to consume all energy you burn would never be enough
All thats left is to possess you completely
The darkest night is where I cast a darker red
the exorcism needed to cast me out would surely leave you dead.
yet no demon could take my place before my power took leave
and still after all of this to see me gone you’d surely grieve
for a piece of you I have become, born into your visage
so that upon a mirror you’d see yourself pure yet unbelieving
and I would cast not the reflection that you had sworn you were feeling
was beside you or astride you
and incomplete you’d be without my soul alone
to feed you as it feeds upon your own
my veins bearing your blood would never be enough
bonded thru the blood of one another.
to imprison your being would but give me only small happiness
but to imbibe your soul till laid you bare
to intake it all finding refuge what little I could share
to devour all you are, you a harvest and in my fall of seasons
til you vulnerable, naked nothing but a shell of you remaining
would leave me whole
content i could be yet in sickness
for you would cease therefore to exist
if that were truly in my power to do so
would that be my power or command?
perhaps not, so unhappiness, incompleteness
to be un-whole
this seems to be my eternal fate.
a parasite without a host and appetite to sate
an entity without a body to lay a possessive seed
a life force upon which i could not feed
why give me a void and the desire to control and need of fulfillment
and the hunger yet not the power to consume?
a soul empty of something far beyond
I myself from beyond and lost
a time ancient, a time forgotten
so forgotten it lives not even in the deadest of minds
this seems the souls eternal pastime for me
a doom ill know till death
or what death will come to be once it teaches me its patterns
The next life will see me full again
and in hope, content in my own skin
a skin that is not only mine alone
whose is but a stranger to me now.
I know not my own without that force of another I must steal to live .
A soul which of their own they so freely give.
copyright 8-4-17

That part of us that possesses ..that part that must be fought...
This is not exactly a poem but a run on thought...possessive in nature and obsessive and the act of stealing life force or from the soul of another with an almost vampiric nature ..in other words to survive...but also so utterly human...obviously this will not be everyones favorite..with no obvious rhyme scheme ..it just lays out how it comes out...and as usual I like to delve into that darker nature in us all....i can't help wanting to push the limit of what I am...when i feed that side we all have in some degree..i write of it...this just came out one night...while it sounds to many degrees sexual ...its actually not exactlt what inspired it ...i meant it in a physically somewhat yes yet a bit more mentally than anything else...but this way of thinking..is a possession of sorts..and it can be fought..anyways...thanks for reading it tho...

*Note On every poem** all my poems are copyrighted and have codes to prove ownership ... While I doubt anyone here does this ..still have to say Don't steal other people's work wether a poem is good enough or not .... It's personal and directly speaks from the soul of the writer and to take their work and say it's yours ..it's wrong and unnatural ..your stealing a peice of them ...it's nothing to do with money or rights...it's so much more than that...its happened to me .. It can happen to anyone .. It hurts and I always speak out against it even if to most it seems pretentious...

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over 1 year

"for a piece of you I have become, born into your visage" the best phrase in your poem for me. I read your poem after a year, and I I must say I still like it. I must say I need another read to fully understand it. LOL

james matthew coleman
about 3 years

I'm taking this one with me as crash out tonite.

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