When we knew so little and yet knew so much....

when man kind was newly born
no oath, no bond had yet they sworn
no heart ached over a love forlorn
when mankind was newly born
had he reason to want the stones that shone to him like the sun
Had man and his desire of more so soon, so early begun
had yet of these jewels like stars became he fond
Thought he, did not stars guide the man with light and truth?
and like the moon waxed and waned as a women with child upon
yes all this and surely more when mankind was but a youth
not yet had man have battles to be won
had he not quite songs that should be sweetly sung
no legends to be remembered so fond
yes this was so long ago when mankind was young
the dawn of time awakened the man
shattering the innocence of a timeless age
for a moment soon is a moment passed
for every day was a turn of the page
and man shuttered to what must end
for time would only take and never give again
Soon he saw time take shape, stand up in its defense
and man has been fighting in vain ever since
the mirror laid upon a pool and man looked within
he saw his beauty and inside ugliness
and obsession to flee one and destroy the other
made man seal the fate he never knew was wrong
by living up to all the bad he saw within
and take the beauty and with it wrote its song
and all this hardship all this pain
a mankind newly born with all this formed a soul so torn
that carried all the questions, pain and essence of mankind newly born
the merciless time, the mirror of the soul, the inevitable death
soon death took notice of man alive
and knew just what he could do if man wished only too survive
time laughed, the mirror simply glared
to a young mankind an enemy they together shared
©Catherine Renee Stanger

....im not done with this poem is needs some shaping up ...

Note ** all my poems are copyrighted and have codes to prove ownership ... While I doubt anyone here does this ..still have to say Don't steal other people's work wether a poem is good enough or not .... It's personal and directly speaks from the soul of the writer and to take their work and say it's yours ..it's wrong and unnatural ..your stealing a peice of them ...it's nothing to do with money or rights...it's so much more than that...its happened to me .. It can happen to anyone .. It hurts and I always speak out against it even if to most it seems pretentious...

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J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

"A riddle answered is but a riddle soon solved." I like that. Seems behind every question answered is another question. Can we ever really stop learning about life, this world and the universe with all its riddles, infinite as you say? I think no. It takes an eternity for sure. Very well written!

about 4 years

thank you so much...and yes thats my favorite line too...im glad you pointed that out ...im glad someone saw that and liked it above the rest...Because is not that so frustrating? we think we know something and then we realize we have more questions once again than answers....cliche .but so dang true..anyways thank you for reading i always enjoy your poetry as well and you always give thoughtful and intelligent answers...ive been off here awhile and always miss it...i have an AWFUL internet or id be on here more..

steven t.
over 4 years

I particularly liked the second to last stanza...to me you imbued death with the growing awareness of man's existence as if the evolutionary process your poem traces from our beginnings has keep mankind shrouded in a protective ignorance and now their awareness of one another has given raise to a third possibility...maybe that of seeking to get the last laugh on time and blacken the shiny mirror surface once and for all?

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