In another time, I had dragonflies gather around me.
Some would dance on water, some shot by in curiosity.
Sitting at a pond where hundreds would come to play.
I would spend a lot of time there (sometimes– the whole day).
I’d observe them fly in no certain formation.
And, I would study them in heavy concentration.
Then, one fine day…I had an epiphany.
I realized, why I admired them and what they meant to me.
They represented everything, I wanted for myself.
Grace, Agility, Beauty, Purpose, Intent, Elegance.
It didn’t just float around aimlessly.
Like a butterfly ~all feebly.
It was like a complex machine of sorts.
Capable, Durable –and– Oh, the Iridescence it sports.
With armor plating –tough and strong.
And, in the detail of the wings, you could get lost.
Oh, how I wish the world would see me the same.
The Strength, The Control, The Confidence that I bring.
And as a constant reminder of that person I want to be.
I have to remember, I have not captured a dragonfly…
…the Dragonflies have captured me.

Written for a friend.

dragonflies, tough, strong, durable, capable

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