A soldier is a brave young man,
who fights for freedom in his land.
A soldier must go when duty calls,
To fight the battle for us all
A soldier is a mothers son,
then he becomes a chosen one,
and though her heart may love him so,
she realizes he must go.
They are so valuable to us,
these men in whom our country trust.
As we pray for all our men,
God will bring them home again.
We are so proud of them today,
God bless them all, while their away.
We honor those who go to war,
Believing they’ll return once more.
We honor these Americans,
who serve for us, and for our land.
Our country owes them all so much,
for caring and protecting us.
Father we pray their strength today,
keep them strong Lord come what may.
Until we see them home again,
We will not cease to pray for them.
We’re keeping all our men in prayer,
we pray Gods Angels will be there.
Lord let this war come to an end,
and let them Lord the (Victory) win.
H.S.I. 2012 - 18.

A Prayer, In honor of our Army, Navy, Marines and all our Military who are fighting so bravely for our country, Those on the battlefield and at home.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Sooo true. Thanks for taking time.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

If it weren't for solders, where would we be now?

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Thank you for taking time

R. L. McCallum
over 5 years

A Nicely Rendered Poem. I love it!

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