The flag is bright, with all it’s strips, it’s beautiful to see.
How beautiful it’s colors as it’s waving out to me.
And we must keep it waving out to tell what we believe,
for it’s waving out for all to see our country is still free.
I love it’s colors  red, white, and blue, they speak to us to say,
that we must stay united and bow our hearts to pray.
Oh God protect this land, that evil will not stand,
and let our flag keep waving out it’s purpose, oh so grand.
It waves out freedom, it waves out joy. it waves out equality,
it’s the freedom we believe in, waving out continuously.
It’s colors waving out so bright, so beautiful with all its stripes,
waving in the morning light, and in the dark of night.
The way it flows, the way it blows, so high up in the wind,
It seems it’s speaking out to say, our freedom will not end.
No matter the problems that we face the flag remains in place,
reminding us that we are still a country under grace.
So we’re raising up our flag, in our country that we love,
and yes the freedom in this land is what we’re thinking of,
and while we’re raising it up high,
we know that it will always be,
A symbol that our land will always be,  forever free.
H.S.I. (c) 2012-18.

With this song and poem I just want to express that I'm proud to be an American.

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