I walk in freedom, and I can see,
how blessed I am to be so free,
the sun is shining down on me,
as I go on my way.
Taking a walk I’m very pleased,
that life has been so good to me,
the trees are green, the grass is too,
under skies so very blue,
I know that others surely would,
come to live here if they could.
To walk in freedom, to feel the good,
Of living life the way we should.
I'm walking in the air so clean,
I feel what freedom really means.
The critics, they don't understand,
the freedom that is in this Land.
I walk in freedom. it feels so great,
to live in the United States,
Life is good, and more will come my way,
Because, I’m walking in America today.
H.S.I.  By Charlotte B. Williams
(c) 2012-19.

I truly appreciate the freedom we have in this country.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 1 year

Hello Nelson Thanks for your comments.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

One for the ages. I feel exactly the same. Glad you framed this wonderful feeling...to be free. Thank you Charlotte. Like/fave.

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