History, tells this story,
that we’ve learned, since days of old.
and I must say, that it’s become,
the greatest ever told.
It’s the story of a Savior,
that came to earth one day,
for one specific purpose,
to take our sins away.
I heard it as a youngster,
not knowing how to feel.
but soon I found out for myself,
that it was very real.
Thank God I found this truth,
Thank God I found (The Way),
For I've excepted Jesus Christ
In my own life today.
H.S.I. By Charlotte B. Williams
(c) 2019 - 20.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

As we always do we find our own pathway to His truths guided in the most difficult times in our lives by these.
Thanks Charlotte for reminding us. Like.

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
almost 2 years


almost 2 years


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