The Solitude Of Life for me is God,
He is the reason we exist,
so I seek for Him in my solitude.
What is the reasoning for this?
I am the creation, He is the Creator,
and when I found that this
Wonderful Creator really exist,
I  wanted to know more about Him.
So in my solitude I sought for Him,
and then to my delight, I found Him.
Yes I found Him!!!  in the solitude,
while waiting and seeking.
I've grown to really love this place,
Why?  because God is there.
Is He real?  Oh yes He’s so real.
Does He exist? Oh yes He does.
I  know He’s actually everywhere,
But my favorite place with Him,
is in.......The Solitude Of Life.
H. S. I. By Charlotte B. Williams t
(c) 2015 - 20.

This is my personal experience, and the relationship I have with the Holy Spirit.
H.S.I. stands for (Holy Spirit Inspiration).

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