I write about America, because I love this land,
Why God placed this in my heart? I do not understand.
The devotion that I feel, has nothing to do with me,
but has everything to do, with being thankful to be free.
The Eagle soaring in the air so strong and so free,
Is among the greatest symbols, I’m sure you will agree.
Only one who’s Sovereign, could make a place so blessed,
and inspite of evil in the world, we still find happiness.
The Flag flying in the air, really speaks for itself,
Representing our freedom. unlike anything else.
For these reasons I write about America today,
because I’m grateful for this land we call the U.S.A.
(c) 2018.

Many writers write about this country,
these are some of my personal reasons.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

I believe you're right, it's a God given love. Thanks for the comment

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

You are a "true" patriot


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