Hello again my darling, my dear,
how lovely you are,
especially today.
Forgive me,
I cannot speak, so I’ll write to say,
In these hardened tears,
a whimper and choke,
fills this very empty throat.
So tremendously sore the pain at the thought…
of losing you again…
my darling, my dear.
...Whoever you are inside...
with me, I hope you know,
it is always safe to confide.
I see…
Regardless of the
stone cold face that would appear…
I’ll say this for certain, for sure,
my darling, my dear:
It is only you I utterly adore.
And hear me now if you have not before.
If fortune, at my door will never knock
I’ll be happy with you…
like a key and its lock, and not because you are all I ever got,
but my darling, my dear:
You are all I ever wanted…
                                               ... and luckily got.


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over 4 years

Thank you so much, I'm sure there is big love there :)

over 4 years

Thank you :)

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

What a lucky man.

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