I never saw the fall coming,
one day it was just there,
it stole my breath
becoming too much to bear.
Your smile,
your eyes,
and to my surprise,
Your light never dies.
Together for so long,
yet I never realized;
That I had fallen so strongly,
so that you look at me and I’m paralyzed.
And even if I never tell you that
I hold you close to my heart,
our memories and our time are so very dear,
That simply seeing you give me a start!
My day is brightened,
even by just seeing your face,
but I wonder,
Could I ever leave you behind without a painful trace?
I wonder, could there be a place,
Where we are together and our dreams fulfilled?
A place where we can be free?
Oh! then my soul would truly be thrilled!
You turn my day around
simply by being yourself,
and I truly hope that does not change!
Oh! I wish I could tell you this myself!
And now I sit alone,
babbling on and on.
How foolish of me, I suppose, to want a Happily Ever After
as I sit with my thoughts and dreams with only a Mourning Dove.

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