Neither Evil nor Divine
Could cross the defined line.
For fear of rejection
and having no protection.
But one dark day, a light shot through
and made a dark tortured soul finally shine true.
True to them and true to thee
his wings spread far, finally being free.
He shed tears for what he in his past had done
Never truly believing why she had never run.
The sun shone bright that fateful day,
but the world’s vibrant colors soon became gray.
For The Beast of Fate took her life away,
and the stitches in his heart began to fray.
Angst was all he felt as he reverted to his previous ways.
As his view of the world turned to a daze.
He Pitied the next soul who would who would dare cross the line,
For happiness and Love weren’t for long when Evil joined Divine.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

This was a good story. Evil finally did meet up with divine. It has been trting for a long time.


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